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  Announcements related to GMail Migration

     12 September 2014

      Please be reminded that as announced earlier, from 15 September 2014 onwards, no new email will be delivered to the old inbox of the old email server and you will be not be able to use the old email server to send email anymore (smtp.ait.ac.th).

For accessing the new AIT email service using web interface, please use URL: https://g.ait.ac.th (or click Webmail from AIT Home Page), and if you use email client software (e.g. Outlook), please use the following settings:

Incoming Mail Server = imap.gmail.com _or_ pop.gmail.com (Use SSL (port 993) for IMAP or SSL (port 995) for POP)
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) = smtp.gmail.com (use SSL port 465, require authentication)
username = yourusername@ait.asia
password = your_password (at least 8 characters)
You also need to enable POP or IMAP in the settings of your Gmail account

The archive of old emails is still kept in the old server for another 1 year (until 15 September 2015), and can be accessed only through web interface at URL: https://web-mail.ait.ac.th/implogin.php

If you encounter difficulty, please contact Helpdesk

AIT Helpdesk
ITServ Building, Room 203
Tel. 6082
email: helpdesk@ait.ac.th
URL: http://itserv.ait.ac.th/helpdesk/