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  Single use of user account for accessing Internet

     01 October 2014

      To enhance security and abuse prevention, single use of user authentication for Internet access has been enforced since 17 May 2010. Therefore, a single user account cannot simultaneously be used by several computers to access Internet. If you need additional user accounts for whatever purpose, you can create a maximum of 5 active guest accounts, each of them with validity of up to 12 hours, from the following interface URL: https://guestdb.ait.ac.th and login using your email account. Faculty & staff can request Helpdesk to be allowed to create guest accounts with longer validity (up to 6 months) by emailing his/her request to Helpdesk specifying the reason of the request.

      Therefore, please logout everytime you finish accessing Internet from a computer. If you do not logout, but then want to use another computer to access Internet using the same account, you have to first logout using any computer from URL: https://auth-gw.ait.ac.th/auth/logoutpage.pl

     For any assistance, please contact our Helpdesk, at 6082 or helpdesk@ait.ac.th

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