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  Update your email profile to reflect @ait.ac.th as the email domain of AIT

The instructions below describe how to update your email profile to reflect @ait.ac.th as the email domain of AIT:

  1. Change your default sender and "reply-to" address (if you specify "reply-to" address), from @ait.asia to @ait.ac.th:

    If you use Gmail web interface
    • Click the down arrow of the Settings (Gear) icon at the top right of your Gmail, then click Settings, then click tab Account
    • In the "Send Mail as" section, click Add another email address
    • Enter your name and your @ait.ac.th email address (e.g. example@ait.ac.th), and click the check box Treat as an alias. If the "reply-to" address is different than the sender address, click Specify a different "reply-to" address and specify the address which is not an @ait.asia address. Then click Next step. The address above is then added in the "Send Mail as" section.
    • From the "Send Mail as" section, find the address you just added above (e.g. example@ait.ac.th) and click Make Default
    • NOTE: If you access your email by directly login to Gmail website, you still has to login using your @ait.asia email address

    If you use an email client software (following instructions is based on Microsoft Outlook):
    • Click the File tab.
    • From the "Account Settings" button click the small down arrow and choose Account Settings.
    • Select the e-mail account for which you want to update the e-mail address, and then click Change.
    • Under "User Information", in the "E-mail Address" box, type the equivalent @ait.ac.th e-mail address (example@ait.ac.th)
    • Click More Settings.
    • On the "General" tab, under "Other User Information", if the reply-to address is different than sender address, specify the Reply e-mail address which is not an @ait.asia address. Otherwise, leave Reply e-mail address blank (Reply-to is the same as sender address). Click OK
    • Click Next, and then click Finish
    • NOTE: If you use Gmail's incoming and outgoing servers, the "username" in the "Logon information" still has to be your @ait.asia email address.

  2. Change the email address in your signature to your @ait.ac.th address, if you specify @ait.asia