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  Free licensed Microsoft Office 365 for students

      We are pleased to announce the availability of free licensed Office 365 for students. You can install the software on up to five PCs or Macs and on other mobile devices, including iPad, Android and Windows tablets. Please register yourself from


Then click the button "Find out if you're elligible" and enter your AIT email address with @ait.ac.th domain (NOT @ait.asia) such as st101000@ait.ac.th. From the next page, choose "I'am a student". and then follow the instructions there.

Using the account you create above, then log in to


to install the software.

Please note that this license entitlement is available during your study period in AIT only, once you leave the Institute this license will become invalid.

If you encounter difficulty, please contact Helpdesk

AIT Helpdesk
ITServ Building, Room 203
Tel. 6082
email: helpdesk@ait.ac.th
URL: http://itserv.ait.ac.th/helpdesk/