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  LAN Installation Guide for Desktop PC

Connecting to a PC
Follow these steps to connect the LAN card to a PC:

Step 1 There are two types of LAN Card interface, PCI and ISA. If you have both PCI and ISA slots, you should purchase PCI LAN Card since it performs better. If your computer does not have either ISA or PCI slot free, you can use either USB LAN Adapter (if your computer has it) or Parallel LAN Adapter.

* Source: http://support.premiopc.com

  • ISA slots are the long slots with black color (the figure shows 2 ISA slots).
  • PCI slots those with white color (the figure shows 5 PCI slots).

Step 2 Plug in the LAN Card into appropriate slot. USB LAN Adapter has to be plugged into the USB port and Parallel LAN Adapter has to be plugged into the parallel port.

Step 3 Install the LAN card driver. Sometimes, the installation wizard will appear automatically when you restart the PC. If necessary, insert your driver diskette. However, if the installation wizard did not appear, you can install it manually. Firstly, go to Control panel -> Add new hardware, then follow the installation guidelines until done.

Step 4 Connect the one end of the LAN cable to the connector in your room.

Step 5 Connect the other end of the LAN cable to the connector of the LAN card in your PC.

Note The LAN cables are provided at ITServ Building Room 105