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  E1 (digital line) dial-up service

Dear users

     As part of our effort to improve dial-up services for Faculty/Staff staying
outside the campus, we are pleased to announce the availability of E1 (digital
lines) dial-up service which will provide modem connection with speed of up to
56K as well as more stable and reliable link.

     To use this service, from outside AIT, please use Tel. No.: 023400350

     There are 60 numbers available.

     In this opportunity we would also like to announce the termination of dial-up
connection from Tel. Nos 025165860 and 025165742 from 1 June 2003 onwards. Dial- up connection from No. 6121 or 025246121 is still available.

     If you have more question, please contact our Helpdesk at helpdesk@ait.ac.th or Tel. No. 6082.